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Product Specifications

ProMaster  LED30 Camera and Camcorder Light #7193  

Main specs

Guide Number:  not specified

Bounce Angle: 

Dimensions:  not rated

ProMaster-LED30 Camera and Camcorder Light #7193-Flashes and Speedlights



not rated


not rated

Power Source

2 x AA size batteries

Type of Unit

Flash / Speedlight


Notable Features

  • 30 super bright daylight LED’s
  • Luminance: 23 lux at 10’
  • Shoe mount to any standard flash shoe
  • Includes universal light bracket
, PROMASTER LED Camera/Camcorder lights help you get well-lit photos and video with more natural color. The continuous light source eliminates the red-eye effect caused by your camera's flash and helps you get sharper pictures by providing a good source of illumination for your camera's autofocus system.

Exposure / Flash Control

Not Available

Guide Number

not specified

Angle of Coverage

Not Available

Bounce Angle

Not Available

Shooting Distance (Zoom Range)

Not Available

Recycling Time

Not Available

Battery Life

Not Available


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