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ProMaster  FC-1 Macro Focusing Rail #9440  

Main specs

Type:  macro focusing rail

Maximum Load (kg): 

Panning Range (degrees):  Not specified

ProMaster-FC-1 Macro Focusing Rail #9440-Tripod Heads
Specifications Accessories



macro focusing rail

Height (cm)

15.0 cm

Weight (kg)

Not Available

Tilting Range (degrees)

Not specified

Panning Range (degrees)

Not specified

Plate Type

1/4-20" screw

Additional Features

The focusing rail is an essential accessory for macro photography, that requires precise focusing as well as other situations where accurate camera positioning is crucial. Two 6" rails allow movement in all four directions. The 1/4-20 thread fits most tripods. Positive locking knobs assure rock-steady focus. The excellent quality rail is for use with all Digital and Film SLR cameras.  

Head mount thread type


Maximum Load (kg)

Not Available


not specified


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