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Copywork & Restoration



Copywork and restoration is one of our specialties.



From the original on the left, we removed the cracks and sepia toned the final print on the right.

The original photo (top) was very badly faded. In the finished photo (bottom) we increased the contrast, and brought out all the features in this historically important photo.

The original photo (left) was badly stained and fading into obscurity. The finished photo (right) shows how the color was restored to create a family heirloom.

The two upper photos were combined with a new background to create a portrait of the two gentleman (lower right).

In this example there was a need to create a portrait of the woman who had passed away. The man was retouched out, and hair, flowers and backgound were added.

The two photos on the left were combined to create the image on the right. The woman was carefully removed from the backgound of the original photo and placed into the final image. Glare from the flash and other distracting items were removed from the background.


These are only a sample of the thousands of restorations we have completed for our customers. Bring us your challenge.


Our un-official motto (with our tongue firmly planted in our cheek) is: Minor miracles performed daily. Major miracles require a week.......


Let us show you what we can do for you!



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